I am happy to report that after seven fun-filled days in Cabo, Clan Cahill made it home from our vacation in one mildly sunburned and slightly peeling piece. Now that I have had a couple of days to rest I thought I would share a little about our trip.

Not to be a negative Nelly but I must start by saying that U.S. Airways screwed us again this year! We flew with them again because my father-in-law got vouchers to make up for the over booking debacle of last year’s vacation and I can tell you that a six-hour delay while waiting on plane repairs on the way down, and a last minute gate/plane change that required a trek from one end of the hellishly long Phoenix airport to the other, due to more mechanical issues on the way home has not warmed me to that airline at all. However, the experience did remind me that flying is much better after indulging in a few in-flight cocktails so all was not lost.

We spent our first day in Cabo relaxing under a rented umbrella at the beach; this was a welcome respite after the previous day’s arduous travels and the spring snow we left behind in Oregon! Along with a sunburn that dozens of applications of SPF 50 and an umbrella couldn’t fight off, I got these pretties while we were there! I love when the shopping comes to you while lounging!

Our second day was “snorkel” cruise (A.K.A booze cruise) day! Boats and I don’t get along very well since I developed the balance issues I have so Big Orange and I sat on the lower deck in the shade while I chewed the hell out of my anti-nausea ginger gum and enjoyed the view. The kids had a blast snorkeling and dancing on the upper deck in the sun, which made the three-hour battle with sea sickness totally worth it.

The third day we were in Cabo was pretty mellow; I spent most of the day lounging by the pool with the kids and a good book but we fit in a little shopping and a lot of eating. I think my son ate at least one taco per meal, every day we were in Mexico and he claimed that every single one of them was “the best taco ever”.

My sister and brother-in-law took a fishing trip on the fourth day and Big Orange and his dad bar hopped while the kids, my mother-in-law, and I took a cooking class. The class was instructed by a wonderful woman named Donna Jones. She teaches these cooking classes from her beautiful home and I highly recommend taking one if you plan on visiting Cabo. We learned how to cook Mexican comfort food and ate some really yummy dishes! I can’t wait to cook some of them here at home!

My brother and sister-in-law had a great day fishing and brought home seven sierra mackerel so we topped off our chill day of cooking by having a fish feast at Captain Toni’s. They will cook your catch for you, any way you want it, and serve it family style for $5 a head. It was delicious! Here is the before and after of the platter o’ fish the family destroyed.

The next day was sailboat day. My father-in-law LOVES sailboats and so does my son, so I crammed a half a pack of my anti-nausea gum in my mouth and off we went. My nieces both got seasick and I felt a bit green under the gills so the first mate went below deck and made us a special drink for upset tummies. Now let me tell you, it tastes like ass! But it works like a charm! The next time you are seasick or nauseated mix sparkling water, fresh squeezed lime juice, and salt in a class with a little ice and power it down. It is magic.

As far as I am concerned the highlight of our time on the sailboat was the pod of five gray whales we happened upon. We saw a couple last year but were not this close and there weren’t that many… these are truly magical beasts!

By the sixth day of our trip I pretty much had my fill of fun and needed to take a day to rest so I hung out in the condo with my book while the kids, grandparents, and my sister-in-law went shopping. Big Orange and my fishing nut brother-in-law went on another chartered fishing trip, which turned out to be rather amazing for them. Big Orange didn’t even have time to get seasick because he and Mike both caught (and released) marlin, and Mike fought a 300 pound swordfish for over an hour until the line broke.

That day was also my niece Bailey’s 12th birthday so we went out for lobster dinner (that kid loves lobster in an unnatural way) and topped it off with a DQ ice cream cake at the condo (DQ is so much better in Mexico! Real sugar makes a world of difference).

We spent our last day in Cabo hitting the flea markets. Those of you who follow Katie Cahill Art on Facebook have already met Elvis and Axle, my favorite souvenirs.

I also found a pretty blanket that is a perfect match with the color scheme of my living room décor.

I got a cute little salt dish for my kitchen.

And Big Orange surprised me with these beautiful Katrinas!

I met a pretty fantastic sugar skull artist at one of the flea markets there; he was a really nice man and his work is beautiful! He was not at his booth on the last day we were there but I have his email address and I will be contacting him this week to see if he has a website or blog, and if he would mind doing an interview, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

I still have a couple of weeks off before school starts again for me and I will be working on some art swaps in that time as well as making a few changes around here and to my Etsy shop; I will keep you posted on all of that as things get completed.

It is good to be back in my beloved, soggy, Portland making art and sharing with all of you!